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▶ Water Desalination Plant for Asian Steel Company for JV contact with Eroupen Engineer for the amount of USD$120 millions

▶ United States AFC System (Automatic Fare Collector) in New Subway System in Asia

▶ Unites States Wastemanagement System (Incineration System and Recycling Pant) for Asian Country

▶ Night Vision System for Asian Navy from Unites States Agency for the amount of USD$60 millions with government contract

▶ Government owned Broadcasting Company Project Universal Amphitheater in Hollywood which is the first ever event

▶ Switzerland Engineered Indoor Diving Simulator for Asian Themepark for the amount of USD$20 millions

▶ International Project Financing from Austrilan Lender to Asian Resort in the amount of USD$50 millions

▶ International Project Financing from US Lenders to Asian automobile manufacture in the amount of USD$50 millions

▶ Certified Nurse Assitant training facility diversity campus project in California


• Directed the opening of in-store cart business for opening of grocery market. The result was a desirable growth in sales and customer satisfaction with $500,000 in asset added. 

• Developed and implemented retail reseller program into 50 stores for Asian manufacturer.

• Brought two small casual wear companies from the U. S. to Asia and generated $10 million in sales the first year. 

• Pioneered a new method for manufacturing and transportation for U. S. manufacture that saved $320,000 per year. 

• Managed a $900,000 budget for a major project sponsored by a broadcasting company.

• Launched U.S. marketing office for a $50 million Asian manufacturer. Attained $20 million sales with long-term contract. 

• Directed relocation of $90 million U.S. manufacturer to Asian. Reduced cost by half and doubled the profit within two years. 

• Directed the setup of a private U.S. lender in Korea with a $30 million initial deposit.

• Oversaw the U.S. FDA regulatory compliance process five times for a Asia alloy company saving them $10,000 per transaction. 

• Set up operations in Asia for a U.S. manufacturer. This allowed to use advanced Asian printing and packaging technology and low-cost Asian labor to reduce production cost from 25 cents per piece to 10 cents per piece. 



  • Short Term U. S. Abroad Program

  • Short Term ESL Program

  • Executive Business Exchange Program

  • Medical Internship, Health & Science Program


  • U. S. Abroad ACE Total Care

  • Landing Service & Self Guardian

  • Home Stay & Guardianship

  • After School & College Preparation


  • Postsecondary Private School & Management

  • Licensing, Setup and Management

  • C.N.A. & Caregiver Training Program

  • Vocational School & Sports School


  • Investment Opportunity & Business Program

  • Business Valuation and Merger & Acquisition

  • Cross Border Investment Opportunity

  • Public & Shell Company


Value Props for Partners


  • IVG Products


  • Los-Volume blood testing (Blood Drop)


            Wellsness Panel

  • Cancer Screening

  • Breast Cancer Predictive Testing

  • Hormone Replacement Pre-Screen

  • Carrier Screening

  • Pre-Natal Screening

  • Hereditary Cancer Screening


    2. Pharmacy

  • Both prescription and over-the-counter

  • Immunotherapy for allergy relief

  • Hormone replacement of amplifier

  • Vitalmins and supplements


    3. Hospital

  • Re-Seller of IVG Products


  • IVG Keys Value

    1. General

  • Low cost entry - just relaunching

  • Licensing - USA all states / CAP, CLEA, and CLEP

  • Huge marketing terms

  • Large Pharmacy Networks

  • Larger Tela Med Doc relationships

  • Large Hospital relationships


    2. Marketing Relationships

  • USA

  • India

  • Australia

  • Germany

  • Brazil

  • Gulf Coast

  • Spain

  • Italy

  • Canada


  • Considerations

  •     Branding

  •     Development Efforts

  •     Capacity

  •     Cash Reserve

  •     International Lab Capacity


  • Deal

  •     Cash Investment of Lump sum and Monthly burn

  •     Resource investment:

  •     Product development

  •     Product capacity

  •     Marketing and printing


  • Structure

  •     We do not intent to change ownership to any great extent but we can change control via agreements

  •     We can operate as a DBA ( Foreign Company Name) under U. S.  Group


ACEibc has an extensive backgroud on Asian business world and international financing. Close relationship with Asian business community and related government agencies is a compay strength. is a

Product Distributionship and Trading
Education and Special Event Coordination
International Loan Package Coordination
Governemnt and Military Contract Coordination

A broad range of contacts in local business and public sector allow us to obtain the latest information critaria for doing business is a key professionalship.

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