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□ Extraordinary Services


▶ Post Secondary Private School and

Policy & Procedure for Licensing


▶ Health Management

Diversity of Healthcare Institutes

Facility Sales and Management

JV and M&A


▶ ACEibc Financing

Project Financing

Business Financing

Commercial Financing

▶ ACEibc Investment & Management

JV Project Partnership

International Real Estate Project

▶ ACEibc Human & Future

e-Commerce and Contents

e-Commerce Marketplace

▶ ACEibc F&B

Food and Beverage

Nationwide Chainstore


▶ ACEibc Fashion & Entertainment

Fashion and Entertainment

▶ ACEibc PetroChemical

PetroChemical and Rare Earth Material



ACEibc has an extensive backgroud on Asian business world and international financing. Close relationship with Asian business community and related government agencies is a compay strength. is a

Product Distributionship and Trading
Education and Special Event Coordination
International Loan Package Coordination
Governemnt and Military Contract Coordination

A broad range of contacts in local business and public sector allow us to obtain the latest information critaria for doing business is a key professionalship.

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