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Ace Career Education

Ace Human Management

Ace International Business Co.

T. 707-797-0111

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202 E. Commonwealth Ave #1232

Fullerton, CA 92836, United States

회사 미니 프로파일

ACE Care Education is an Global Education and Global Business Company as;


1. Educational Institute Setup

2. Contents Exchange to International Schools

3. Satellite School, Sister School, and School Contract

4. Promoting Schools and Institute

5. Special Educational Event

6. Counseling and Consulting for Schools

7. Recruiting Foreign Students and Scholars

8. Korea Representative 


ACE is recruiting international students for last 25 years as an official representative for CPELI (English Language Institute, California State University Pomona) where is in CSUPomona (California State University Pomona).


Our goal of service is to provide an official service for both individuals and groups having an interest in CSUPomona as well as CPELI come to the school.

Upon a certain condition met, Wone Corporation will bring Teachers and Staffs from CSUPomona into Korea for live seminar and special sessions for your inquiry and Wone Corporation also planned to open a Korean counseling program in Korea for students wish to come to CSUPomona which will be a first and ever needs for them.

창립 연도


회사 유형



직원 1-10명

전문 분야

Global Education Consulting

Wone Corporation, U. S. A.


I. Company Background


□ Establishment

▶ Los Angeles, California in 1992 as a subsidiary of InforMedia

  • ▶Merged to UNF, Inc., established in 1998, Los Angeles, California

  • ▶Merged to Jung & Partners, U. S. A., established in 2010, Fullerton, California

  • ▶M & A to Wone Corporation, U. S. A., in 2015


□ Number of employees

▶ 49


□ Scope of Services

▶ Wone Corporation, as a business management company, set up and managing business entities including international projects with mid-to-large sized companies worldwide.


● Information and Business Coordinator

● International Special Event Coordinator

● International legal Service Coordinator

● International Loan Package Coordinator

● Product Distributorship and Trading

  • Packaging and Logistics

  • Environmental Engineering Coordinator

● Communication Engineering Coordinator

● Government and Military Contract




II.Business Activities


Wone Corporation is an promotion and management agency, especially in education, health management, product development, and an environmental engineering field in Asian countries that serves both domestic and foreign clients. Clients' satisfaction is Wone Corporation's first priority at most. It is staffed by professionals in business management who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the clients we serve.

Also, Wone Corporation, as a business broker, doing a business and involved with a lot of international projects with mid-to-large sized companies in Asia, in order to make a firm contract, such as;


▶Water Desalination Plant for POSCO, Korea from POLYMETRICS, USA for the amount of USD$120 millions with 18 month construction period in 1996

▶AFC (Automatic Fare Collector)

▶Wastemanagement System (Incineration System and Recycling Pant)

▶Night Vision System for Korean Military from TNT, USA for the amount of USD$60 millions with government contract in 1996

▶KBS (Korea Broadcasting System) Open Air Concert at Universal Amphitheater in 1996 which is the first ever music festival in Unites States sponsored by Korean Air

▶Indoor Diving Simulator for Lotte World, Korea from Airodium, Switzerland for the amount of USD$20 millions in 1997,

and more.



III.Company Strengths


Wone Corporation has an extensive background on the Asian business world and media scene and enjoys close relationships with the Asian business community, related government agencies. We know how foreign companies can best communicate with target audiences in Asia as well as how the Asian business venture can make to the world most effectively handled.

A broad range of contacts in local business circles and public sector allow us to obtain the latest information critical for doing business. Our staff of professionals bring with them expertise in a diverse number of fields; such as engineering, education, trade and marketing. Our strongest area of business include media relations, environmental engineering, market research and evaluation, trade and investment consulting.

Join Our Team


We are always looking for dedicated individuals to join our broad team of home health care staff.

DON / DSD / Program Director / Instructor / Administrator / Real Estate Broker
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