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  • The School, ACE (Ace Career Education)

ACE is a brand of Private CNA School in Southern California opening late 2018 to mid 2019 for CNA training and Certification Program preparing California State Licensing of CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant).

ACE has a short-term course of 23-day-CNA-class with State Exam Preparation Class. 

There is a Mandatory Clinical Session held in several SNF (State Licensed Skilled Nursing Facility) through out Southern California. Please contact www.CNA.Academy or call 707-797-0111 for upcoming classes and registration. Thank you. 


  • Courses and Duties

  • CNA Training

  • HHA Training

  • ACE Alumni Association of CNA  &  HHA

  • Job Posting and Job Placement

  • Employment & Ethics Education (ACE Certification)

  • Employment Credit Profile & Recommendation on both sides (Employers & Candidates)

  • Campus Location (2017 - 2021*)

    Los Angeles County (West Covina)


  • RKL Institute
    T. 678-888-1828

    Orange County (Fullerton)

    Ace CNA Academy Fullerton
    T. 515-454-0888

    Orange County (Irvine)

    Ace CNA Academy Irvine
    T. 949-484-9595

    Los Angeles County (La Habra)

    Ace CNA Academy La Habra
    T. 313-312-0888



Los Angeles County (Pomona)


Ace CNA Academy Pomona

T. 765-687-7770


Riverside County (Corona)

Ace CNA Academy Corona
T. 707-412-0999


Riverside County (Riverside)

Ace CNA Academy Riverside

T. 707-510-0999



San Bernardino County (San Bernardino)

Ace CNA Academy San Bernardino
T. 707-714-0899

San Bernardino County (Chino)

Ace CNA Academy Chino
T. 714-880-9099


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