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About us

□ Establishment

▶ Los Angeles, California in 1992 as a subsidiary of InforMedia

▶ Merged to UNF, Inc., established in 1998, Los Angeles, California

▶ Merged to Jung & Partners, U. S. A., established in 2010, Fullerton, California

▶ M & A to Wone Corporation, U. S. A., in 2015

▶ M & A to Ace XM, Inc., in 2020


□ Scope of Services

▶ ACEibc, as a business management company, set up and managing business entities including international projects with mid-to-large sized companies worldwide.


● Information and Business Coordinator

● International Special Event Coordinator

● International legal Service Coordinator

● International Loan Package Coordinator

● Product Distributorship and Trading

● Packaging and Logistics

● Environmental Engineering Coordinator

● Communication Engineering Coordinator

● Government and Military Contract



ACEibc has an extensive backgroud on Asian business world and international financing. Close relationship with Asian business community and related government agencies is a compay strength. is a

Product Distributionship and Trading
Education and Special Event Coordination
International Loan Package Coordination
Governemnt and Military Contract Coordination

A broad range of contacts in local business and public sector allow us to obtain the latest information critaria for doing business is a key professionalship.

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