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▶ Water Desalination Plant for Asian Steel Company for JV contact with Eroupen Engineer for the amount of USD$120 millions

▶ United States AFC System (Automatic Fare Collector) in New Subway System in Asia

▶ Unites States Wastemanagement System (Incineration System and Recycling Pant) for Asian Country

▶ Night Vision System for Asian Navy from Unites States Agency for the amount of USD$60 millions with government contract

▶ Government owned Broadcasting Company Project Universal Amphitheater in Hollywood which is the first ever event

▶ Switzerland Engineered Indoor Diving Simulator for Asian Themepark for the amount of USD$20 millions

▶ International Project Financing from Austrilan Lender to Asian Resort in the amount of USD$50 millions

▶ International Project Financing from US Lenders to Asian automobile manufacture in the amount of USD$50 millions

▶ Certified Nurse Assitant training facility diversity campus project in California


• Directed the opening of in-store cart business for opening of grocery market. The result was a desirable growth in sales and customer satisfaction with $500,000 in asset added. 

• Developed and implemented retail reseller program into 50 stores for Asian manufacturer.

• Brought two small casual wear companies from the U. S. to Asia and generated $10 million in sales the first year. 

• Pioneered a new method for manufacturing and transportation for U. S. manufacture that saved $320,000 per year. 

• Managed a $900,000 budget for a major project sponsored by a broadcasting company.

• Launched U.S. marketing office for a $50 million Asian manufacturer. Attained $20 million sales with long-term contract. 

• Directed relocation of $90 million U.S. manufacturer to Asian. Reduced cost by half and doubled the profit within two years. 

• Directed the setup of a private U.S. lender in Korea with a $30 million initial deposit.

• Oversaw the U.S. FDA regulatory compliance process five times for a Asia alloy company saving them $10,000 per transaction. 

• Set up operations in Asia for a U.S. manufacturer. This allowed to use advanced Asian printing and packaging technology and low-cost Asian labor to reduce production cost from 25 cents per piece to 10 cents per piece. 



  • Short Term U. S. Abroad Program

  • Short Term ESL Program

  • Executive Business Exchange Program

  • Medical Internship, Health & Science Program

  • U. S. Abroad ACE Total Care

  • Landing Service & Self Guardian

  • Home Stay & Guardianship

  • After School & College Preparation

  • Postsecondary Private School & Management

  • Licensing, Setup and Management

  • C.N.A. & Caregiver Training Program

  • Vocational School & Sports School

  • Investment Opportunity & Business Program

  • Business Valuation and Merger & Acquisition

  • Cross Border Investment Opportunity

  • Public & Shell Company


Value Props for Partners


  • IVG Products


  • Los-Volume blood testing (Blood Drop)


            Wellsness Panel

  • Cancer Screening

  • Breast Cancer Predictive Testing

  • Hormone Replacement Pre-Screen

  • Carrier Screening

  • Pre-Natal Screening

  • Hereditary Cancer Screening


    2. Pharmacy

  • Both prescription and over-the-counter

  • Immunotherapy for allergy relief

  • Hormone replacement of amplifier

  • Vitalmins and supplements


    3. Hospital

  • Re-Seller of IVG Products


  • IVG Keys Value

    1. General

  • Low cost entry - just relaunching

  • Licensing - USA all states / CAP, CLEA, and CLEP

  • Huge marketing terms

  • Large Pharmacy Networks

  • Larger Tela Med Doc relationships

  • Large Hospital relationships


    2. Marketing Relationships

  • USA

  • India

  • Australia

  • Germany

  • Brazil

  • Gulf Coast

  • Spain

  • Italy

  • Canada


  • Considerations

  •     Branding

  •     Development Efforts

  •     Capacity

  •     Cash Reserve

  •     International Lab Capacity


  • Deal

  •     Cash Investment of Lump sum and Monthly burn

  •     Resource investment:

  •     Product development

  •     Product capacity

  •     Marketing and printing


  • Structure

  •     We do not intent to change ownership to any great extent but we can change control via agreements

  •     We can operate as a DBA ( Foreign Company Name) under U. S.  Group

Wone corporation has an extensive backgroud on Asian business world and international financing. Close relationship with Asian business community and related government agencies is a compay strength. is a

Product Distributionship and Trading
Education and Special Event Coordination
International Loan Package Coordination
Governemnt and Military Contract Coordination

A broad range of contacts in local business and public sector allow us to obtain the latest information critaria for doing business is a key professionalship.

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