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Most Experience ACE Staff will guide you:
  • Milestone of New CNA school & training technology
  • Educating CNA to become a real medical society member
  • Recruiting & Job Placement to Nursing Facilites
  • Job Fair, Expostion and Seminar for public education
  • Consultation, Setup, Operation and Managment
  • Study Abroad for International Students
  • Transporation, Homestay and Landing Service
  • Knowing ACE and Business

ACE has been doing a lot of consulting and education biz since 1992 between Asian Countries and United States for Students, Scholars, Schools, and Local Government Agencies.


-Wone Corporation Profile



-Biz Management



-Overseas Educational Management



-United States Inbound tour (Wholesale Tour)

Koram Tours & Services : One of the oldest history inbound tour company in L. A. Koreatown


-U.S. Outbound tour (Premium Wholesale Asia Tour to Japan, China, and Korea)


  • Youtube Video Clips

Please see following clips for our recent event at Mt. SAC and CSULB.


Global Leadership (Lindsey Academy) Pictures (3 min)


Korean Music & Arts Festival at Mt. SAC on 2/19/2010 (Pictures) - 2 min.


Korean Music & Arts Festival at Mt. SAC on 2/19/2010 (Video) - 10 min. 


  • Exclusive Sales & Marketing Authority for Korea

We really like to be part of your Task Force Team for Korea and Korean Market.

We would like to ask you for 'Marketing Authority, or an Exclusivity Agentship in Korea' before we do the marketing and presentation in Korea, even if it is a conditional agreement, in order to promote your program in Korea.


  • ESL4Asia

ESL4Asia and ACE recently went into a successful M. O. U. for future projects in both territory of Korea and China. ESL4Asia has been recruiting nearly 25,000 students and 500 certified English teachers for Mainland China every year n the past 10 years of its own program. ESL4Asia will have English and Culture camp through out other Asian countries in the future with join-venture project of ACEi20.Com by selecting venues of World-Expo in Shanghai in Korea.


  • Gorgeous Culture

ACE is joining with Gorgeous Culture who is one of the leading company aiming successful China Investment Summit in United States for past 5 years with proven track record.


  • Wone Corporation as an US College Coordinator for Foreign Students

Wone Corp. is recruiting international students and Scholars from Korea into California Colleges as a special program for last 25 years. Wone Corp. is an official representative for CPELI (English Language Institute, California State University Pomona) where is in CSUPomona (California State University Pomona) for over two decades. Wone Corp. is an official agent for UCI (University of California Irvine) as well as other colleges in Unites States.

Our goal of service is to provide an official service for both individuals and groups having an interest in English and English Culture as well as US College system in United States.

Upon a certain condition met, Wone Corp. will bring Teachers and Staffs from US Colleges into Korea and China for live seminar and special sessions for its inquiry. Wone Corp. is planning to open a Korean/ Chinese counseling program in Korea/ China for students who wish to come to US Colleges.


  • Counseling Programs in Designated Country for students applying US Colleges

  • Recruiting Individuals for US Colleges

  • Recruiting Groups for US Colleges

  • School Representative for US Colleges

  • Seasonal Intensive English Program for US Colleges

  • TESOL Program (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Language)


  • Business Category


Short Term U. S. Abroad Program

  • Short Term ESL Program​

  • Business Exchange Program


U. S. Abroad Special Program

  • Autism & ASD Program

  • C.N.A. & Caregiver Exchange Program


Executive Business Program

  • Executive Business Program

  • Investment Opportunity Business Program



  • Cross Border Investment Opportunities

  • M&A

  • Business Value Analysis

  • New Business Establishment


Exposition & Conference

  • Seminar & Conferencing

  • Invitation of Exposition

  • Special Event

  • Business Fund Raising & Campaign


E-2 VISA & EB-3, EB-5

  • E-2 Business visa

  • EB-3 Immigrant Work Sponsorship

  • EB-5 Investment Opportunity

  • L-1 visa


The Program


Short Term U. S. Abroad Program

  • Short Term ESL Program

  • Distinguished Global Leadership Program

  • Business Exchange Program

      • MBDA Program


U. S. Abroad Special Program

  • ​Autism & ASD Program


Executive Business Program

  • Executive Business Program

  • Asian Executive Businessman Program

  • Investment Opportunity Business Program

  • ACE Program


ACE Business Mission Statement


ACE (Ace Career Education) is a multi-ethnic community based cultural and educational institute, which strive to develop and promote a cross border exchange of cultural and educational initiatives. ACE (Ace Care Education) will help to share better understanding of our cultural backgrounds to nurture growth, responsibility, and productivity by celebrating our diversity within our community and by promoting a cross border exchange of cultural and educational programs.


Business Goal of ACE (Ace Career Education)


  • To develop and maintain higher standard educational curriculum to meet study proficiency.

  • To develop and maintain higher standard educational teacher to serve students better.

  • To provide and maintain better educational resources and material for student education.

  • To Provide and maintain better learning environment with every possible safety consideration.

  • To acquire and maintain most uptodated technology for better educational system.


Globalization Goal of ACE (Ace Career Education)


  • To develop a corporate executive learning program for the overseas executives and entrepreneurs besides students.

  • To extend our services to students and scholars in overseas.

  • To develop and nurture a strong Alumni support infrastructure worldwide.

  • To develop a cross border investment opportunities within.

  • To become a Social Responsibility Company indeed.


Epilogue of ACE (Ace Career Education) mission


  • ACE (Ace Care Education) believes that education is not only a paper statement but also a history involved with many surroundings including,

  • Nature

  • Human

  • Economy

  • Life Skills

  • Social Responsible

  • Culture and Fashion of its decade

  • that will be achieved by our next generations as ACE will be a big hand to them.

Specialist Services

International students & International industry management is provided

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