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Worldwide business trading and management from professional TFT has been proven for past three decades with ACEibc

ACEibc, as a business management company, set up and managing business entities including international projects with mid-to-large sized companies worldwide


ACE CNE Education

Partnership and Management for Culture and Career Training Facilities in multi-campus throughout California.

Rare Earth, Oil, Crop & Financing

Rare Trading Experiences and Merger & Acquisition
Underwriting & Financing

In Vitro Diagnostics
Representing U.S. DNA Diagnostics Laboratory for Overseas Vendors into JV & VC.


Nuricon Showroom Open in USA

April 1 / Business Construction

Datalink, Korea NDA & MOU

March 1 / Business Contract

George Visual Magnet School Career Fair Presentation

Feb 22 / Seminar & Expo

West Pack / MD West, Anaheim

Feb 9 / Seminar & Expo

Hesperia School District Career Fair at Hesperia Jr. High School

Jan 26 / Seminar & Expo

Hesperia School District Career Fair at Cedar Middle School

Jan 20 / Seminar & Expo

Hesperia School District Career Fair at Rancheor Middle School

Jan 12 / Seminar & Expo

Ace Care Education in Apple Valley Established

Dec 27 / Business Contract

Apple Valley SNF Agreement

Dec 22 / Business Contract

Exclusive Distributor Agreement with Genepse Korea

Oct 1 / Business Contract

NDA with Mega LED Technology

Sept 14 / Business Contract

MOU with Mega LED Technology

Sept 14 / Business Contract

Cooperative Agreement with Tomas & Amkore, Co. LTD.

July 8 / Business Contract

NDA with Tomas & Amkor, Co. LTD.

June 2 / Business Contract

MOA with Tomas & Amkor, Co. LTD.

June 2 / Business Contract

Agent Profile with Calpoly Foundation

May 20 / Business Contract

MOU with International Health Group, Inc.

April 27 / Business Contract


MOA with Aria Oil & PetroChemicals, Inc.

April 25 / Business Contract


NDA with Aria Oil & PetroChemicals, Inc.

April 19 / Business Contract


Digital Signage Expo, Las Vegas with Nuricon, Korea.

Mar. 16 | Exposition  


ACE Irvine Campus Opening in Dec. 2017.

Feb. 22 | Business Contract  

ACE Corona Campus Opening in Nov. 2017

Jan. 22 | Business Contract   


ACEibc has an extensive backgroud on Asian business world and international financing. Close relationship with Asian business community and related government agencies is a compay strength. is a

Product Distributionship and Trading
Education and Special Event Coordination
International Loan Package Coordination
Governemnt and Military Contract Coordination

A broad range of contacts in local business and public sector allow us to obtain the latest information critaria for doing business is a key professionalship.

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