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It is Super Magic Glow in the Dark Powder !
We are assure its higher standard quality, made in Korea.
1oz pack for the taste of its quality.
You will love for Your Craft and Your Kids Project.
It used to be consumed for 'Samsung Watch Backpanel' with its higher standard quality.

10 Times Stronger !
10 Times Brighter !
Life Time Glow in the Dark !
Non Toxic !
Non Radioactive !
And so much more you can do with this PIGMENT!

*Ask for more options and Quantity Order!

*Since 1961, we manufacture Glow-in-the Dark Pigment & Powder
and this stickers made with our own pigment glowing last long!

All D.I.Y. Projects
Home Decoration
Kids Room Decoration
Science Project
Iron-on Patch
Glow Nail Polisher
Emergency Signage
Aircraft and Automobile
Instrument Panels
Camping Equipment
Writing & Stationary Decoration
Clock Watch Dials
Home Appliances
Lighting Switches
Exit Sign Boards
And so much more that you can imagine!

copy of Glow in the Dark Pigment in Powder 8oz

$60.00 Regular Price
$42.00Sale Price
  • It is Super Magic Glow in the Dark Powder !


    *Characteristics and Physical Properties of the Pigment made of;

    1. Body Color : Light Yellow

    2. Emission Color : Green

    3. Particle Size : 20 micron

    4. Specific Gravity : 3.27

    5. Initial Brightness : High

    6. Light Stability : Excellent

    7. Emission Peak : 520 nm


    *Safety and Handling

    Although the Glow Pigment is free from the heavy metals and any of radioactive substances, use careful with children swallowing and chewing for general toy caution rules. Thanks and Enjoy.


    *Application Themes


    1. Business Idea

     a. business and product promotion

     b. advertising promotion

     c. character promotion

    2. Children Stickers

     a. novelty sticker

     b. grow chart sticker

     c. child's room decoration

    3. Decorative Stickers

     a. Window fashion

     b. cookware and glassware decoration

     c. retailer window decoration and sign

     d. bumper sticker

     e. automotive decoration

    4. Interior Sticker

     a. Window decoration

     b. kitchen decoration

     c. bathroom decoration

     d. livingroom decoration

     e. tile decoration

     f. furniture trimmer

     g. and most of home interior decoration

    5. GID (Glow in the dark) Products

     a. all kinds of glow stickers

    6. Safety Products

     a. safety sign

     b. safety banner

     c. anti slip protection

     d. and most of safety products

    7. Sports Products

     a. all kinds of sports products


    Ask us more inquiry and Enjoy this Outer Space Brilliant Idea Glow-in-the Dark Powder!


    Other Applications


    1. Paint & Ink

    Good for:

    -Any indoor/ outdoor signage paint (Banner, Billboard, and etc.)

    -Any indoor/ outdoor ink (Stamp pad, metal, plastic, paper, screen printing ink(74-150mesh), and etc.)


    2. Plastic Mold material

    Clear mixture with the better result in the amount of 10 - 20 percent;

    Mixture Bases;

     1. Polyethylene

     2. Polypropylene

     3. Polystyrene

     4. ABS

    Good for:

     Any Plastic Mold Accessory


    3. Textile, Artificial Leather, Paper Coating

    Clear mixture with the better result in the amount of 40 - 50 percent;


    4. Epoxy, Urethane

    Clear mixture with the better result in the amount of 10 -20 percent;


    All Good For;

     1. Any Safety and Emergency Products

     2. Living Room Goods

     3. Leisure Products

     4. Children's Products

     5. Stationary Products

     6. Halloween and Party Products

     7. Interior and Decoration

     8. and Much More with your imagination

    • We are happy to return the product within 7 days of purchase for your encouragement. Thank you for your business.
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